We started our journey in China over two and a half decades ago as the regional distributor and retailer for Mercedes-Benz cars. Our first outlet was established in Shanghai in 1993, and holds the distinction of being the first authorized Mercedes-Benz outlet in Mainland China.

This was followed by dealerships in key cities such as Beijing (1994), Qingdao (1996) and Xiamen (1997), providing us with first mover advantage in strategic markets.

To date, continued expansion has extended our footprint to cover 176 outlets and 12 convenient service satellites across over 80 cities, and propelled us to become one of the core markets under LSH Auto International.

LSH Auto China is committed to enriching communities through numerous CSR activities. Partnering with the Hope School initiative, we helped to build the first LSH Hope School in 2007. To date, 33 Hope Schools have been established, benefitting over 10,000 children.