We first obtained the Mercedes-Benz StarElite authorized dealer status in 2014, offering StarElite Certified Pre-Owned cars for sale. As we continue to expand the pre-owned car business, our StarElite dealer network has grown into one of the largest in China.

Pre-owned Car Network

42 Mercedes-Benz CPO Professional (StarElite authorized) dealers and 20 CPO Entrance dealers in 45 cities.

Extensive Selection of Pre-owned Cars

We offer an extensive range of pre-owned cars to our customers.

Peace of Mind

Our pre-owned cars are professionally inspected and certified, providing peace of mind to customers.

One-stop Service

We provide convenient one-stop services for trade-in and retail of pre-owned cars.


By ensuring pre-owned cars are rigorously inspected and reconditioned in line with Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned standards, we are committed to providing peace of mind and best customer experience to our customers.